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    Might be my 74th time reblogging this 

    This is so fucking precious okay? And no one can tell me otherwise.

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    who the fuck is snapchatting in the serenghetti

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    We assume others show love the same way we do — and if they don’t, we worry it’s not there.

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    Everyone has their own love language. That’s one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned.

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    Happy first birthday, Prince George!

    “He was very lively, very confident and very sure of himself. He’s a very determined young boy. And who does he look like? I’d have to say his dad, William.” - Photographer John Stillwell

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    remembering cory monteith

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    'I just feel like you're all… like, these are my children. These kids are my kids. […] If I'd had children, you guys are the children that I would've liked to have had.' - Stevie Nicks about the Glee cast

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    the glee cast remembers cory monteith on Twitter - part 2 (part 1)

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    the glee cast remembers cory monteith on Twitter - part 1 (part 2)

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    One year without Cory Allan Michael Monteith

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    australians dont have sex

    australians mate

    I spat out my coffee

    sorry about your image


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    tips on how to properly enter my room:

    1. do not


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     What did Jay-Z call his girlfriend before they got married


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    Awkward is like the sequel series to Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide