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    I’m deeply craving Matty’s affection..

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    Anonymous asked: isn't adalynn the stuff they give you for adhd?



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    It’s nice but it’s not black.

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    Grief does not know how to knock.
    She knows how to pick locks
    and tip toe in,
    so that she is perched on
    your counter,
    a debilitating friend
    next to your morning coffee.
    She knows how to break down doors,
    kick them in when you least expect it,
    at the movies,
    right before you fall asleep,
    on the drive to school.
    Grief is the ex-girlfriend that
    still calls you when she’s drunk
    and sometimes misses you when
    she’s sober,
    so she pretends to be drunk and
    leaves a message on your phone.
    And you hate Grief.
    You hate her so much.
    Then, she shows up
    when you need something to cling
    to and she is so damn comforting.
    You still hate her.
    But you hold onto her also.
    You start leaving the backdoor open
    a crack, just in case
    she needs a place to stay tonight.
    You miss her if she hasn’t joined you
    for your morning coffee in a while.
    You never get over what brought
    Grief into your life,
    you just get comfortable with her,
    find a place for her at your table.
    — "The Grieving Process" by Claire Luisa (via claire-luisa)
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psycho &amp; grunge
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    I know I shouldn’t ship Parmiga as much as I do but when I go through the tag a part of me dies inside knowing that it’s not real.

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    *prays taissa is on season 4*

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    I am going to be honest if I were Taissa, Emma, and Evan and I had to film a bunch of nasty stuff for a threesome and it just ended up getting cut then I would be very pissed off. Like, “Why make me do it if you’re not even going to use it?”